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Xchanger is a unique glycol chiller that transfers the energy taken from milk when cooling and increases the temperature into usable heat which is stored for the pre-heating of water and space heating. With its patented design Xchanger is able to provide an additional source of income via payments from the Renewable Heat Incentive scheme. 01743 2905559

Bulk tanks are available either Glycol or DX Cooled with a choice of compressors and cooling options.

Washes are provided by our state of the art CIP system which is able to automatically calculate the dosing of acids and alkalis required and has the ability to store up to 10 pre-programmed wash cycles.

Tanks can be finished in stainless steel or pre-finished steel which can be provided in a range of colours to suit the surroundings.

Choice of cooling options such as Glycol / DX
Remote monitoring, featuring temperature and volume data logging and graphing
Choice of colours and finishes to match surroundings
Stainless steel alcove, access ladder & safety cage (18,000l and above)
New automated wash system featuring pre-programmed wash cycles and automated dosing
Section cooling Top or Bottom ensures rapid cooling and avoids freezing of milk, our pre-cool and super-cool settings also ensure milk is exactly the temperature you need it

Yes, our bulk tanks are fully customisable, you can choose the finish and colour.

Yes, all bulk tanks are monitored remotely using our smart system.

The capacity ranges from 10,000 litres to 60,000 litres.

“With our single-phase electricity supply we have struggled to cool our milk efficiently for years and wanted to take advantage of Arla’s new every other day collection scheme. Our Xchanger glycol cooling system drops the milk to the required temperature and then maintains the temperature in the bulk tank until its collected.”
Gary & Stuart Mountford
/ Welshpool
I am extremely happy with my new Xchanger system, I decided to increase my herd to make maximum use of the savings I will make