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Xchanger is a unique glycol chiller that transfers the energy taken from milk when cooling and increases the temperature into usable heat which is stored for the pre-heating of water and space heating. With its patented design Xchanger is able to provide an additional source of income via payments from the Renewable Heat Incentive scheme. 01743 2905559
DX systems often use multiple compressors and condensers which are both prone to high failure rates as they age. Generally these systems are not housed so are open to contact with materials that can further increase likelihood of failure such as oils and dirt.
DX systems have large refrigeration circuits with lengths of pipework often across multiple rooms, operating at high pressures. This pipework can be prone to leaks that need to be fixed by an FGAS engineer which generally cost more than a general heating engineer as they must justify the cost of becoming FGAS certified.
Ice-builders and Glycol chillers are generally more efficient than DX systems however they come at a higher capital cost. Xchanger which has a patent pending on its design is the only Glycol Chiller available on the market that gives you an additional income stream from the Renewable Heat Incentive, which is inflation linked for the next 20 years.
Other Glycol chillers available can have problems coping with fluctuations in demand however, with Xchanger’s patented design this is not an issue and despite what you may be told about glycol chillers it is impossible to freeze the milk.
Cooling systems generally need to be sized correctly as oversizing will lead to reduce efficiencies. Xchanger is an inverter driven chiller which can modulate efficiently in between 10% and 100% of its maximum load. This mean that you can futureproof your chiller removing the need to purchase further cooling equipment should you increase your herd size in the future.
Xchanger is bulk tank compatible. With some Dairies providing incentives to increase bulk tank sizes and with various grants available at the moment we also offer a Xchanger glycol cooled silo bulk tank which can be sited outside. Tanks are available from 12,000l to 50,000l
Even if you are not upgrading your cooling equipment Xchanger can be retrofit into any dairy from robots to rotary parlours.
Xchanger is a 21 st century cooling system, we are able to design systems around a government incentive which can give additional income for the next 20 years, it is one of the most efficient systems on the market and is fully visible remotely providing you with alerts and information via text message or email.

Yes, all Xchanger cooling systems can be fully connected to a remote system, allowing you to monitor the cooling temperatures.

Yes, they are fully scalable according to load and electricity supply.

Yes, we offer bespoke of off the shelf systems.

Yes, an extended warranty on compressors is available.

It is inverter driven, it reacts according to the load given , resulting in significant savings.

I am extremely happy with my new Xchanger system, I decided to increase my herd to make maximum use of the savings I will make